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Stellar Phoenix File Recovery 3.0

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Scan your hard disk or any logical drive for inaccessible or deleted file. Stellar Phoenix File Recovery deeply scans selected drives and shows you the list of files it finds divided into category types. There are around 300 file types the program can recognise and attribute to the correspondening category, such as BMP, JPEG and WMA.

Double click on the device you want to scan and select the first option available: Standard scan. It takes a while to check over a whole hard disk and I suggest you of leaving it run until it has completely finished, otherwise you may have problems when trying to run it for a second time. You may receive the following message ‘critical data structures are badly corrupted for this drive’ which will block you from proceeding.

The result you get is a list of files divided by extension type. Unfortunately, there is no name, apart from sequential numbers, to help you remember what they were, and the preview function just gives you a succession hexadecimal figures. Nevertheless, you can easily restore these files with a few clicks of the mouse.

Analyze damaged hard disks or USB pen drives to retrieve your lost documents with Stellar Phoenix File Recovery. Let it scan completely your logical drive the first time you run it and select the categories of files you would like to have access to again.

Stellar Phoenix File Recovery is high-quality data recovery solution that uses powerful algorithms to recover deleted/lost files after instances ranging from accidentally formatting the hard disk to emptying the Recycle Bin to files deleted after a virus attack. Stellar Phoenix File Recovery offers a graphically rich user interface which, combined with new and advanced features such as File Mask, File Filter, File Recovery Wizard. it greatly eases and facilitates the recovery process.

You should use Stellar Phoenix File Recovery in following cases:

  • File system data structures of a drive have suffered serious corruption or overwriting and the data recovery software cannot scan such drives.
  • Data recovery software cannot locate missing / lost file and folders.
  • Files were deleted “long back” and cannot be identified because of over-writing to file system data structures.
  • Recently deleted files are not recovered because of severe fragmentation. This is a common problem in FAT file system drives. File recovery can discover such deleted files and folders from the temporary copies created by the application software and/or the operating system.

File Recovery Software scans every sector of your storage media for the lost files that you wish to recover and displays them in a tree according to the file type. The recovery software scans the drive in raw mode and can locate the files without the aid of file system data structures.

It recognizes and restores over 300 file types. This includes word processor, document, spreadsheet, graphic, internet, multimedia, source code and many such file formats. The list of file types can be viewed and selected in the software.

Stellar Phoenix File Recovery Software is a flexible tool. If you wish to recover a file type that software does not already recognize; you can add that file type to the list using the wizard.

The software has a tighter integration with windows operating system while scanning logical drive. The software supports FAT and NTFS file systems and a user can scan the entire logical drive or scan only in the unused disk space. All version of Windows are supported including - Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows 2003 Server and Windows XP.

Stellar Phoenix File Recovery


Stellar Phoenix File Recovery 3.0

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    Don't off!!.
    Despite 30 day money back guarantee on web site, they will NOT honor. This product does...   More

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    Rip Off.
    Shit. Didnt recover any corrupt files, charged me $102.66, contacted support- nothing... big rip off!More